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Get your picks in for your chance to win at multiple prizes including 500$ in cash! You’ll have chances each round to make new picks making your chances to win even greater! Sign up now and get your preliminary picks in!

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Power Pet

At the beginning of each week with the power morning show there will be an adoptable pet from a local shelter or rescue that will be featured here and across our social media sites as well as on air. We are hoping to get some down on their luck critters new homes and families. Check […]

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Watch Now! Power Hits Can Be Enabled On Your Alexa/Echo Device!

We made you a handy dandy, easy to follow instruction video on how to enable us! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Julie Say’s So

Friday morning tune in to the Power Morning show around 8:50am for our movie reviewer, Julie! Julie will have her reviews on the movies for the weekend such as which ones you should see and which ones you may want to avoid. All spoiler free of course! Want to know more? Check out her website!

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The Power Morning Show

Rodney and Sarina are up and at you in the mornings starting at 5! Listen to them chatting about the latest news, local events and contests from the station. Wake your brain up at 7:20 with Nearly Impossible trivia and on Friday’s find out what movies you need to see. All delivered with sass and […]

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