Nearly Impossible Trivia

Written by on 23/04/2018

Weekday mornings at 7:20 Robert has nearly impossible trivia for Sarina and our listeners to take a crack at. Sarina gets nothing(she hardly ever gets them right anyways) but the listener with the right answer wins the prize for the day as well as bragging rights. For the rest of us, check back here for the question and answer for the day!

8/6/18 Q: 14% of kids want to be this when they grow up. What is it?’

Extra Clue: outside Extra Clue: not a sports star Final Clue: can be a stinky job OR animals

Answer: zookeeper

8/7/18 Q: 11% of kids have gotten this stuck in their hair. What is it?

Extra Clue sticky Extra Clue not gum Final Clue carnival or fair

Answer cotton candy

8/8/18 Q: Sales of this increase by 67% during the Back to School season. What is it?”

Extra Clue not a school supply Extra Clue adults only Final Clue Old No. 7 OR “Jack”

Answer whiskey

8/9/18 Q: 26% of people say women distract others when they wear this in the office. What is it?

Extra Clue seasonal Extra Clue waist down Final Clue furry or Australian

Answer Ugg boots

8/10/18 Q: 58% of adults don’t know how to do this when it comes to a car. What is it?

Extra Clue not a repair Extra Clue not parallel parking Final Clue center console

Answer drive a stick shift 

8/13/18 24% of employers say this is the number one reason they didn’t hire someone. What is it?

Extra Clue nothing to do with a criminal record Extra Clue never get a second chance to make a first impression Final Clue tick, tock

Answer being late for the interview

8/14/18 Q: 10 % of daters surveyed said having one of these is a major turn off, what?

Answer: A cracked screen is a major turn-off, because it makes you seem cheap, clumsy, or careless.

8/15/18 Q: 6% have broken up with someone over this, what?

Answer A Facebook post.

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