Nearly Impossible Trivia

Written by on 23/04/2018

Weekday mornings at 7:20 Robert has nearly impossible trivia for Sarina and our listeners to take a crack at. Sarina gets nothing(she hardly ever gets them right anyways) but the listener with the right answer wins the prize for the day as well as bragging rights. For the rest of us, check back here for the question and answer for the day!

9/18/18 Q:Around 10% of women have gotten rid of this following a breakup. What is it?”

Extra Clue you and your partner are in it Extra Clue not a memento or pictures Final Clue bedroom

Answer bed sheets

9/19/18 Q: 1% of divorce lawyers have used this evidence to defeat a cheating spouse in court. What is it?

Extra Clue history  Extra Clue nothing to do with a computers browsing history  Final Clue a womans voice

Answer GPS history

9/20/18 Q: 63% of dog owners say their dog is happiest when?”

Extra Clue may appear to smile after it Extra Clue involves you and them Final Clue appearance

Answer they are being brushed/groomed

9/21/18 Q: 6% of women have done this while working out? What is it?”

Extra Clue nothing to do with getting injured  Extra Clue their phone  Final Clue money

Answer shopped online

9/24/18 Q: 80% of women feel guilty about throwing this away. What is it?

Extra Clue not food Extra Clue appearance Final Clue neck up

Answer (expired) makeup




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