Nearly Impossible Trivia

Stop by here every morning of trivia to see the latest questions and answers for the month! Nearly impossible trivia airs on weekdays at 7:20am on the Powerhits Morning Show.

3/13 Q:33% of people wont date someone because of this. What is it? Extra Clue: everyone has one. Extra Clue: nothing to do with appearance. Final Clue: funny sounding

Answer: Their name

3/12 Q: 56% of women always do this in their house. What is it? Extra Clue chore Extra Clue cleaning Final Clue water

Answer load the dishwasher

3/9 Q: 34% of people have lied about this on a date. What is it?

Extra Clue private Extra Clue not ex-partners OR some say you shouldnt’ talk about it on a date Final Clue donkey and elephant

Answer their political party affiliation

3/6 Q:56% of people would miss work to buy this. What is it?

Extra Clue could sell out fast Extra Clue not concert tickets Final Clue a pair

Answer new sneakers

3/5 Q:7% of women do this before weighing themselves. What is it?”

Extra Clue they think doing it will make themselves lighter Extra Clue nothing to do with clothes Final Clue hot air

Answer dry their hair

3/2 Q:10% of women wont share this with their man. What is it?”

Extra Clue not something you eat or drink Extra Clue bathroom Final Clue not a toothbrush

Answer deodorant

3/1  Q: A woman spends over $6,000 on this throughout the course of her life. What is it?

Extra Clue part of her appearance Extra Clue not makeup Final Clue leather

Answer handbags