Power Payout

Written by on 20/04/2018

Register here all this week for our Power Payout! We will be calling names every hour every weekday till the end of May, so be listening. When you hear your name call in and you’ll start earning money for that hour and every hour following until the next name we say calls in. Get free money just for listening to the radio! How awesome are we?!

List of winners who have already heard their name and won money! Congrats!

  • Bret Beye
  •  Kyla Johnson
  • Jennifer Land
  • Albert Blanks
  • Elizabeth Beye
  • Bobby Robertson
  • Michelle Brown
  • Samuel Marsh
  • Terri Johnson
  • Samantha Rodman
  • Lisa Beye
  • Kayla Boltz
  • Kristina Sidebottom
  • Marlene Snyder
  • Cuyler Cowart
  • Dean Masters
  • Casey Holub
  • Cory Johnson
  • Kallie Kolterman
  • Dianne SMethers
  • Britany Zumbrunn
  • Amanda Hawkins
  • Elizabeth Harrell
  • April Miller
  • Meredith Ogden
  • Ken Boyd
  • Marlene Snyder
  • Dianne Smethers
  • Cory Johnson
  • Stacy Poell
  • Salena Slinker
  • Christy Toman
  • Khalene Mitchell
  • Deborah Jackson
  • Lisa Tindal
  • Lana Copeland
  • Caitlin Mooney
  • Brent Kolterman
  • Charles Balicat
  • Jesenia Young



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